Best iPhone Wallpaper Home Screen in HD Quality 2022


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Apple launches iPhone models every year. They set up a number of in-built wallpapers. People tend to go with the default wallpapers but some usually get bored of looking at the same screen all the time. So, you always have to turn to the internet to find the best iPhone wallpaper home screen. Finding an iPhone wallpaper home screen is not that easy as it seems. But if you are a fan of cute iPhone wallpapers, you can check the other section of our website that we have linked. 

If you want a display that is attractive you need to find a picture that fits your phone best. You can find a hundred pictures that please your eyes but they may not fit perfectly on your screen. Here are some of the tips that you can use to select the best iPhone wallpaper.

The picture that you download has to be of high quality. So, whenever you search for pictures, use a filter to choose high-resolution pictures. To do this, you can use tools on the search engine. This will give you high-quality pictures to set on your home screen. 

Every mobile phone has a different notch size, so one size cannot fit all. The picture you select, as for wallpaper, for one phone may not suit the other. So, consider the notch before setting up new wallpaper. 

If you are a person who does not like to have their screen glaring at you, you need to choose a picture with a dark theme rather than bright colored pictures. Because dark-themed pictures are less brighter than others so you can enjoy your low brightness all the time. 

Never choose one picture. Because, if it does not work out, you will have to search for it all over again. Keep a backup so you can any other picture if one does not fit best. 

These were some of the tips to select the wallpaper. Now take a look at some pictures. 

Best iPhone Wallpaper Home Screen


Believe, have some faith and get going people!

Clouds and Sky

For all the sky lovers who love glancing at the sky

iPhone wallpaper home screen

The Streets in Summer

Feel that summer vibe with palm trees around whenever you unlock your phone

iPhone wallpaper home screen

Allergic to People

Introverts! maybe a best wallpaper for you?

iPhone wallpaper home screen

Happy Thoughts

This wallpaper will definitely remind you to think and feel happy.

iPhone wallpaper home screen

The Ice Cream Party

Cute, aren’t they?

iPhone wallpaper home screen

Messed Up

In case you are messed up.

iPhone wallpaper home screen

The Joker

Joker Lovers, Save it Quickly!

Faith Bigger than Fear

A message we all need to understand.

Locked for a Reason

Sometimes we need to give this warning to some nosy people.

iPhone wallpaper home screen

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