American Horror Stories Season 1 Review Time!!!



American Horror Stories season 1 review

We all had a bad day at the office. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Very few people watch this bad day and decide to turn these weak scripts into TV series. American horror stories are an indication of many bad days. The scripts are bad, the acting is bad and the horror doesn’t exist at all. There have been some bad shows over the last year, and a lot of viral explosions have made things very tough. But alas, it is difficult for him to look at the past. Now let’s have a look at the American Horror Stories Season 1 review.

The season is created by Ryan Murphy and it operates as the spin-off of American Horror Story, it is a 7-episode compilation series, captioning refined social ideas and straightforward stories that have happened. 

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but with the poor portrayal and some highly questionable character stimuli, it’s a rare occurrence in American Horror Stories, which ultimately struggles to survive as a result of such a flawed conspiracy. I will not go into the details of each story but the beginning and end of the show are connected with the infamous Murder House. 


American Horror Stories Season 1 review

The first episode of American Horror Stories Season 1 describes a girl called Ruby, who wears a rubber suit and starts killing in the Murder House. Revealing no guilt, she finds consolation in murder before falling in love with one of the female ghosts. Now the show plays with inspiring ideas, violent video games, and much more with none of them paired together. It’s a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. It tarnishes some of the American Horror Story’s reputation, especially given how slow some aspects are.

American Horror Stories season 1 review 


Until then, creator Ryan Murphy has enough material to fill a common universe. So it makes sense if his latest creation, “American Horror Stories,” wants to be firmly entrenched in the “Ryan Murphy-verse” – using the one-time setting to create extra space where “American” Old season characters and themes already exist in horror stories “could spread. But now after watching the series for three weeks in a row (it is released weekly on FX on Hulu and according to the usual” AHS “policy, no advanced screeners are provided to critics), This is not exactly what is meant by FX on the Hulu show, and I am not close to telling you who this show is for or what message it is expected to convey.

A Simple Summary

Ameircan Horor Stories season 1 review The show’s official summary states that it is “an anthology series of stand-alone episodes exploring horror myths, legends, and stories,” It is not clear whether the fiction, myth, or knowledge we are drawing from outside Murphy’s universe. None of the stories shown so far seem to be shrouded in myths or myths that people will know from afar, or even take a special interest in discovering further. 

The two-part pilot, “Rubber (Wo)Man” sets the accent for this violence, returning to Murder House, the site of American Horror Stories Season 1. Couples Michael and Troy (Matt Boomer and Gavin Cree) bought the notorious house to turn it into a bed and breakfast for a horror set.

Loss of Originality

Nothing is terrifying about it, the humor rarely comes down and the social themes are handled so poorly and fall into the half-baked episodes that are presented by the unpopular characters. American Horror Stories “follows a root structure in which simply describing” Rubber (Wo)Man, “tells you everything about later episodes. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. It seems that the camera, at times, likes to capture the moodiness of the characters, and it sometimes gets sick. Is terrible on). The whole season shows sexuality and nothing horror but awkward and irritating violence that seems more like on-screen torture. 


The next episode entitled “Drive-In” seems much like the “Masters of Horror” episode “Cigarette Burns” and Tanis podcast episode “ The Last Movie” All these episodes seem like a parody of some other work. Another episode names, “Naughty List” is about a Christmas time involving four Youtubers. They capture a suicide on-camera and post it on Youtube for the sake of views. The episode is full of death and trauma that excited the viewers with some original Murphy’s stories. Halfway through the episode, it loses its creativity and uniqueness. It only deals with a group of jerks who had no purpose other than grinding on each other. 

There is potential in American Horror Stories as we have analyzed from the American Horror stories Season 1 review. Unfortunately, the viewers discarded these cheap half-baked scripts and rated them low on the best seasons American Horror Story. It is best to avoid it altogether.  American Horror Stories is one of the long-lasting seasons of American history but the fans did not fully appreciate it. The underappreciation has some right reasons. There is a lot of inconsistency in the episodes. One episode is the original by Murphy, while the other seems like a parody of some other work. The audience could not witness the uniqueness and creativity. They feel like watching someone else’s work. 

An Honest Review

In this American Horror Stories Season 1 Review, speaking of horror, there is an enormous lack of it. The audience could not resist finding horror in the season as the name suggests. There is humor, sexuality, pun, social correctness, and a little bit of horror. The cast is great. They have performed according to the given instructions. We can not blame the cast when the story is not up to the mark. The makers do not seem to have a focus or goal in the season. It is because of a lack of cohesion and consistency. But, AHS had the potential to be the best. It later improvised story and dramatization. Thus it rose to popularity.