Zakiryanov launches latest book on history of Kazakhstan

Eurasia News

London: Dr Kairat Zakiryanov’ has launched his latest book titled, “The Turkic Saga of Genghis Khan & The KZ Factor”. This is Zakiryanov’s second book and follows hot on the heels of his first book, “Under the Wolf’s Nest” that has received worldwide academic acclaim.

The book launch was held at the British Library in London, UK, and is the first time a Kazakh author has spoken at the venue about such a publication. An intimate group of 40 people heard directly from the author about some of the theories and discoveries he has made in his research into Kazakh archaeology and history leading him to conclude that Genghis Khan has Kazakh origins. The author continued by seeking to dispel the notion that Genghis Khan is a brutal conqueror, destroying cities and civilisations without thought, and re-position him as a creator of new civilisations and interactions.

In his opening remarks, Open Central Asia’s Editor-in-Chief, Nick Rowan, whose own book, “Friendly Steppes: A Silk Road Journey” was launched alongside Zakiryanov’s first book in 2012, praised the book for bringing a new perspective to an age-old historical figure and asked the audience to allow time for consideration of these new theories. He presented Zakiryanov with a number of certificates and letters received from worldwide institutions ranging from Japan, Russia and the US.

Robert Wight, author of a new history on Kazakhstan, due to be published shortly by Hertfordshire Press and titled, “Vanished Khans and Empty Steppes”, gave a short speech allowing the audience to reconcile the question between the Mongolian views of Genghis Khan with Zakiryanov’s new theories. Dr Siddarth Saxena, Chairman of the Cambridge Central Asia Forum, also spoke briefly, welcoming Zakiryanov’s book to a growing set of independent literature on Kazakhstan’s history. He pointed out that this was not a book with a beginning, a middle and an end, but very much the continuation of a lifelong journey for Dr Zakiryanov and the discovery of the influences the Kazakh steppe has had on Eurasian and world history. 

The Turkic Saga of Genghis Khan & The KZ Factor by Kairat Zakiryanov is available at Discovery Bookshop

ISBN: 978-0-9927873-7-0