Young writer produces children’s book to develop understanding about autism

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Monitoring Desk: A UK-based young author Timur Akhmedjanov who has the family background in Central Asia, has produced an excellent adaptation of Children’s book with the title of “Elish and the Wicker Tale”.

The book was originally written by Kamran Salayev and Timur Akhmedjanov has adapted it as to graphic novel (comic).

This is a story of the life of Elish (main character of the story) who is a young boy with the trouble of communicating and coping with the world around him (autism).

Elish would rather keep to himself, doing what he loves more than anything, crafting wicker artifacts. Once trouble stirs in his world, however, Elish is set on the path of adventure, forced to step outside his comfort zone and confront his fears in order to help those around him.

Timur Akhmedjanov
Writer Timur Akhmedjanov

Elish’s behavior and insecurities mirror those of children around the globe who suffer from autism. Just like Elish, children with autism find it hard to understand and relate to people, so they end up devoting their time to something they can understand, usually a hobby or craft such as wicker-making.

The goal of Timur Akhmedjanov is to promote awareness of this subject through his book.

“As of spring 2020, I’ve been working on a comic/graphic novel adaptation of Elish and Wicker Tale, with the first issue due to be completed this summer. With support from crowdfunding, I’ll be able to publish the graphic novel, allowing children both with and without autism to access this story in a more visual and engaging form. Sales will also contribute to the cause, with 20% of profits going directly to charities and organizations that tackle autism and make the lives of children affected by it easier and happier,” said writer Timur Akhmedjanov.

Once the book has been published by the Hertfordshire Press, it will be available for sale on the Amazon.

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