Yanukovych condemns the attack on journalist Tetyana Chornovil

Eurasia News

Kiev: Ukrainian President Yanukovych condemned the attack and ordered Interior Minister Vitali Zakharchenko to find those responsible. Situation confirmed that she was brutally beaten up by some who was not happy with her reporting against the government. Opposition believes she was beaten up by government agencies while government refuses such accusations. Her case has given a new life to Maidaneuro protest and she has become face of Ukrainian struggle to join EU roadmap.


Tetyana Chornovil, who writes for the Ukrainska Pravda opposition website, was attacked overnight Tuesday outside the capital Kiev, police said in a statement, citing the journalist. The journalist known for her critical reports about Yanukovych and top officials was driving to Kiev when she noticed she was being followed by a car.

“The driver of the suspicious car began to push her to the side. When she stopped, several men who were following her broke the back window of her car, pulled her out and started beating her,” police said in a statement.

“After that she was thrown into a ditch,” police said, adding she was found next to her vehicle shortly after midnight. Protest is continued despite snowfall and extreme weather.