Will Pakistan Airways replace Pakistan International Airlines?

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Will Pakistan Airways replace Pakistan International Airlines?



Karachi, Pakistan: In an apparent bid to take Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) out from the list of national assets, operational name of PIA has been changed as Pakistan Airways.

PIA had earlier been transformed as a Limited Company instead of a Corporation.

According to official statement issued by the PIA authorities on Saturday, a subsidiary of the airlines has been registered with the title of Pakistan Airways (PA).

Spokesman of PIA Danyal Gillani in a statement said “Reference media queries, please note that Pakistan

Airways have been registered as a premium service subsidiary of PIA. This would help improve the service standard and image of the national airline”, he added.

However, his statement did not explain with what name aircrafts of National carrier will fly? Will it be PIA flights with PIA logo or PA will fly in the skies?

PIA trade union claims that Pakistan has already sold out PIA to Qatar Airways while government of Pakistan denies such claims. This new development has again highlighted controversies shrouds PIA.