All information about the World Cup 2018.

The opening match will take place on June 14, 2018 in Moscow, and the final will also be played in the Luschniki. Deadline is July 15, 2018. On Friday, December 4, the kick-off times for the 2018 World Cup matches were announced. Unlike the World Cup in South Korea and Japan in 2002, there will therefore be no games in the morning and also kick-off times as at the time of the World Cup in Brazil 2014, when some games were started at 24 o’clock or 3 o’clock at night, there is not. A few days after the draw ARD and ZDF have scheduled the TV dates for the World Cup matches. Learn with us on which station and at what time you can turn on the football games.


WM 2018: Schedule – Times and who shows Germany?

Unlike the World Cup qualifiers, the internationals are not shown on RTL, but on the public channels ARD and ZDF. Not all games have been split yet, but it is clear who will be showing the DFB matches and on which channel the opening match and the final will be played.

The kick-off for the opening match on Thursday, 14.06.2016, is scheduled to take place at 5 pm German time (6 pm in Russia).

  • In the group stage, the games are triggered at three different times, at 14, 17 and 20 o’clock.
  • The eighth and quarterfinal games start at 16 o’clock and 20 o’clock.
  • The semi-finals will start at 20 o’clock.
  • The finale will take place on Sunday, July 15th and will be kicked off at 5pm.
  • As in recent years, the TV rights for the 2018 World Cup matches are on ARD and ZDF.

The opening match on June 14 at 17:00 between Russia and Saudi Arabia shows ARD on TV. The finale on 15 July shows the ZDF. The Germany games are shown alternately on ARD and ZDF. ZDF broadcasts the matches against Mexico (17 June, 17:00) and South Korea (27 June, 16:00). The second group match, Germany – Sweden, shows “Das Erste” on June 23 at 8pm. Should Germany reach the round of 16, ARD will show the eighth and semi-final. The ZDF would broadcast the German quarterfinals.


World Cup 2018: Schedule – all 64 games at a glance

The 2018 World Cup schedule includes 64 games:

Group A
14.06.2018, 17:00 clockRussiaSaudi Arabia-: –
15.06.2018, 14:00 clockEgyptUruguay-: –
06/19/2018RussiaEgypt-: –
06/20/2018UruguaySaudi Arabia-: –
06/25/2018UruguayRussia-: –
Saudi ArabiaEgypt-: –
Group B
06/15/2018MoroccoIran-: –
PortugalSpain-: –
06/20/2018IranSpain-: –
PortugalMorocco-: –
06/25/2018SpainMorocco-: –
IranPortugal-: –
Group C
06/16/2018FranceAustralia-: –
PeruDenmark-: –
06/21/2018FrancePeru-: –
DenmarkAustralia-: –
06/26/2018DenmarkFrance-: –
AustraliaPeru-: –
Group D
06/16/2018ArgentinaIceland-: –
CroatiaNigeria-: –
06/21/2018CroatiaArgentina-: –
06/22/2018IcelandNigeria-: –
06/26/2018NigeriaArgentina-: –
IcelandCroatia-: –
Group E
06/17/2018BrazilSwitzerland-: –
Costa RicaSerbia-: –
06/22/2018SerbiaSwitzerland-: –
BrazilCosta Rica-: –
06/27/2018SerbiaBrazil-: –
SwitzerlandCosta Rica-: –
Group F
06/17/2018GermanyMexico-: –
06/18/2018SwedenSouth Korea-: –
06/23/2018South KoreaMexico-: –
GermanySweden-: –
06/27/2018MexicoSweden-: –
South KoreaGermany-: –
Group G
06/18/2018BelgiumPanama-: –
TunisiaEngland-: –
06/23/2018BelgiumTunisia-: –
06/24/2018EnglandPanama-: –
06/28/2018EnglandBelgium-: –
PanamaTunisia-: –
Group H
06/19/2018PolandSenegal-: –
ColombiaJAPAN-: –
06/24/2018JAPANSenegal-: –
PolandColombia-: –
06/28/2018SenegalColombia-: –
JAPANPoland-: –
second round
06/30/2018Winner group CSecond group D-: –
Winner group ASecond group B-: –
07/01/2018Winner group BSecond group A-: –
Winner group DSecond group C-: –
07/02/2018Winner group GSecond group H-: –
Winner group ESecond group F-: –
07/03/2018Winner group HSecond group G-: –
Winner group FSecond group E-: –
07/06/2018Winner AF 6Winner AF 5-: –
Winner AF 1Winner AF 2-: –
07/07/2018Winner AF 8Winner AF 7-: –
Winner AF 3Winner AF 4-: –
07/10/2018Winner VF 2Winner VF 1-: –
Winner VF 4Winner VF 3-: –
3rd place match
07/14/2018Loser HF 1Loser HF 2-: –
07/15/2018Winner HF 1Winner HF 2-: –

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All games are shown in free TV on ARD and ZDF. In the live stream, the broadcasts of the World Cup matches can be downloaded for free. The broadcasters will make the live program available online on their websites. So you can be there on the go or during the coffee break in the office at the World Cup matches live.

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