Venezuela calls Kerry a murderer of its people

Eurasia News

CARACAS: Venezuela said that the US Secretary of State John Kerry is a murderer of its people, accusing him of inciting violence in the South American country.

“Kerry, we denounce you before the world. You are inciting violence in Venezuela, and we will denounce it in every part of the world. We denounce you as a murderer of the Venezuelan people,” the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said in a speech on state TV.

Jaua said that Venezuela would not back down until the United States ordered its “lackeys” in Venezuela to cease their violent activities.

“Every time we’re about to isolate and reduce the violence, Mr. Kerry comes out with a declaration and immediately the street protests are activated,” Jaua said.

The Venezuelan foreign minister further said that the protests had not succeeded, however, in achieving their aim of triggering a coup d’etat in Venezuela.

At least 28 persons have been killed so far in unrest which has gripped the country since early February while Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused the US of backing the opposition to launch a coup d’état in the country.

On Thursday, Kerry accused the Venezuelan government of waging “a terror campaign” against its own people.

“We are trying to find a way to get the Maduro government to engage with their citizens, to treat them respectfully, to end this terror campaign against his own people and to begin to, hopefully, respect human rights in an appropriate way,” Kerry told a committee in the US Congress.