Uzbekistan Presidential elections 2015: Competitiveness of economy top priority, says Karimov

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Competitiveness of economy via structural reforms top priorities, says Karimov


Monitoring Desk: The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov who is also Presidential candidate from Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan met voters from Andijan region, reports

According to report, the President Islam Karimov presented main points of his electoral manifesto to his voters and stated that the priority tasks for 2015 and following years are to ensure competitiveness of economy via structural reforms and diversification, modernization of capacities and introduction of ICT.

He further maintained that the special attention would be paid to development of private property and private entrepreneurship, farmers’ movement and decrease share of the state in economy.

Islam Karimov underlined that the country should also focus on realization of localization programme, further attraction of investments to industry, ensure employment of population and life standards of population.

Presidential candidate also spoke about foreign policy and noted that it is necessary to develop good neighborhood relations with foreign states, including neighboring states. He said that Uzbekistan will not join military blocks or allow placement of military bases in its territory. He stated that Uzbek troops will not participate in military actions outside the country.

At the meeting, prominent people of two regions supported the candidate and called people to vote for Islam Karimov in upcoming presidential elections.