Uzbekistan presenting new products in FITUR 2015

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Uzbekistan presenting new products in FITUR 2015

Uzbekistan presenting new products in FITUR 2015

Tashkent, Uzbekistan: The FITUR International Tourism Trade Fair will start on January 28 at Madrid where 9,107 companies from 165 countries including Uzbekistan are participating.

Uzbekistan tourism is establishing its venue at FITUR where wholesalers, tour operators, accommodation providers and travel agent from Uzbekistan are showcasing their products.

FITUR is one of the biggest travel and tourism mart of the Europe where more than 120,000 professionals from 165 countries are gathering.

According to latest information received from Madrid 2015 FITUR records 12% the budget for organising the Trade Show exceeds 10.5 million euros, including 3 million allocated to international promotional actions and invitations to buyers.

Two new sections are being added as novelties, seeking to act as a driver for the health and shopping segments as well as for staging the Spain Global Tourism Forum as part of the Trade Show, which will analyse the impact of tourism on the world economy

FITUR 2015 is the 35th International Tourism Trade Show. This tourism show is supported by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

Uzbekistan is regular visitor of FITUR and gets always good business from this international tourism event.

“We are confident that we will bring new buyers to several products Uzbekistan offers at international level and we have already worked for better product development this year”, said Utkir Burkhonov the sales manager of Silk Road Destinations Samarkand while talk to Eurasian News Desk before departing to Madrid who is the representative of one of the companies from Uzbekistan attending FITUR.

“The greatest growth is registered by direct participation in the Trade Show, which increases by 12% with 686 exhibitors, while the net area grows by 4%, with 56,233 square metres of display space will provide more chances to us get better results from this year”, maintained Utkir Burkhonov.

It may be mentioned that the national businesses area this year has increased by 24% compared to the previous staging, and noteworthy in the international area is the increase in the Middle Eastern presence, which grows by 24%; Asia Pacific by 19%; Europe and Israel, both with increases of 9%; Africa by 2% and America, which grows by 17%. Added to this is the positive note of seeing 12 countries joining with official participation such as Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Slovakia, Ethiopia, Philippines, Ghana, Iceland, Luxembourg, Sudan, Togo and Uzbekistan.

For the second consecutive year, FITUR will also host the UNWTO Awards, presenting the 14 finalists of the 11th edition of the Ulysses Awards for Innovation in Tourism, one of the three categories of the UNWTO Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism. The winners will be announced on 28 January.