Uzbekistan Elections 2014: Uzbek Embassy in Islamabad installs polling booth for voting be held on December 21

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Islamabad, Pakistan: The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Islamabad will facilitate Uzbek nationals living in Pakistan to vote for their national parliamentary elections to be held on December 21, 2014, reports Dispatch News Desk.

Uzbek Embassy in Islamabad has done all necessary arrangements for polling of votes by its citizens living in Pakistan. Polling booths have been installed in Uzbekistan Embassy Islamabad where voting will be held on December 21 from morning till specific time at evening.

It may be mentioned that Uzbekistan gives right to vote to its overseas citizens to vote for its parliamentary elections therefore voting will be held in Pakistan for those Uzbek nationals who are at the moment living or working in Pakistan.

Uzbek election system provides maximum opportunities to all its citizens to vote in elections and even election rules allow very elderly and sick people to vote via its unique system where special arrangements are done to reach such old and sick people instead of forgetting them or telling them to reach polling stations.

Elections Uzbekistan 2014