Uzbek woman Shakhnoza Shukurova was raped and murdered in India

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Uzbek woman Shakhnoza Shukurova was raped and murdered in India

Haryana, India: A young Uzbek woman Shakhnoza Shukurova was murdered in Haryana India Punjab. She lived in Delhi and was tagged as “missing” since September 24, 2015. Her mother and sister claimed that one Afghan man along with one Indian boy Gagan abducted Shakhnoza Shukurova from a taxi and killed her. Suspect Gagan’s wife Masha is also an Uzbek national. Police said she was an escort since the age of 19.

Шахноза Шукурова Uzbek woman Shakhroza Shukurova was murder in Haryana India
Passport of Uzbek woman Shakhroza Shukurova who was murder in Haryana India. Шахноза Шукурова

According to Dispatch News Desk, Shaknoza was a a trained ballerina dancer and she came to India eight years back and was working as dancer at top pubs of Delhi.

Her mother traveled from Tashkent Uzbekistan to find her daughter in last week of September and provided proofs who abducted her daughter but nothing was done by police and now family has been informed that she was killed outside a politician of Haryana and her body was burnt to eliminate evidences.

Talking to media, her sister claimed that taxi driver was eyewitness of the abduction who gave details that ill fated woman was dragged from her taxi and two persons took her to another car. She added that her telephone record and proofs indicated killers but police did not help her and did not try to nab culprits indicated in the report of her mother.

Шахноза Шукурова Uzbek woman Shakhroza Shukurova was murder in Haryana India
Шахноза Шукурова

On November 16, 2015, Delhi police claimed that investigation revealed that an Uzbek woman Shakhroza Shukurova was killed in Haryana. Police said a case of abduction was registered in Kotla Mubarakpur police station of Delhi in September but police failed to trace out victim. However police failed to give reason why this Afghan man and Indian boy were never arrested or investigated in the case.

According to investigation, human trafficking angle led the case to a gang running protestation circles of central Asian girls and now they arrested two persons who revealed that she was murder the same night when she was abducted from Delhi.

The body of unfortunate woman was found in Samalkha police station area in Panipat the following day and police cremated by Haryana Police without establishing the identity because her body was beyond identification because her body was burnt by killers after murdering her.

Shaknoza was a ballerina. Шахноза Шукурова
Шахноза Шукурова

According to police, the body was stuffed in a bag and set on fire to destroy the evidence and was found behind the farmhouse of former MLA Kartar Singh Badana on September 25 morning.

Investigating officer Rana said that police registered a case under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code and the details of the body were immediately uploaded on zonal integrated police network or ZIPNET.

“We had no information about any woman having gone missing from Delhi. It was after we uploaded the information on ZIPNET that the Delhi Police contacted us yesterday (on Sunday November 15, 2015),” said Mr. Rana.