Uzbek tractors in Pakistan helping agriculture sector

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Multan, Pakistan: Cotton-picking equipment and tractors from Uzbekistan are busy to pick cotton in Pakistan at Cotton Research Institute Multan, reports Dispatch News Desk (DND) News Agency.

According to news agency, the testing phase for cotton-picking was successfully completed this week at Cotton Research Institute, Multan. A detail report about successful test had been sent to federal government of Pakistan for procurement of Uzbek tractors and cotton-picking equipment.

It should be noted that Uzbek government through Uzbek Export Corporation offered Pakistan its support for enhancing capacity in agriculture field and an agreement was signed between the two countries when Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Ulugbek Rozikulov visited Pakistan.

News agency added that Pakistan is struggling to increase per-acre yield and needs technologically advanced agricultural equipment while Uzbekistan is far ahead in producing technologically advanced agricultural equipments. Agricultural experts believe that Uzbekistan is producing mechanised agriculture machinery, which is far better than the machinery produced in Pakistan, India and China and the cultivation through mechanised machinery can double the yield in Pakistan.

Uzbek cotton-picking equipment landed in agriculture sector of Pakistan
Uzbek tractors in Pakistan helping agriculture sector

Cotton-picking equipment and tractors from Uzbekistan reached Pakistan by road through Afghanistan and now busy in field at Cotton Research Institute Multan. A team of experts from Cotton Research Institute visited Uzbekistan in recent past to review possibility of collaboration of experts of both the countries in the agriculture sector.