US rejects Bangladesh polls, encourages fresh credible vote

Eurasia News

WASHGINTON/UNITED NATIONS: The United States has expressed disappointment over recent parliamentary elections in Bangladesh which were marred by boycott and violence, saying the polls do not appear credible and encouraged fresh vote which is free‚ fair and peaceful.

In a statement in Washington, the US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf that the US encourages the government of Bangladesh and opposition parties to engage in immediate dialogue to find a way to hold as soon as possible elections that are free, fair, peaceful, and credible.

The spokesperson further said that the US condemns the violence from all quarters that continues to mark the prevailing political impasse and urges ruling Awami League-led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to reach out to its main rival, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on Bangladesh political parties to urgently address the expectations of people for an inclusive democratic process after the Sunday’s elections.

In a statement‚ the UN chief expressed sadness at the loss of life and violent incidents that marred parliamentary elections‚ and characterized by polarization and low participation.

At least 26 persons were killed and hundreds of polling stations were set on fire in the election-related violence in the South Asian nation, while at least four more persons were killed in post-election violence in the county.

In the elections held on Sunday, ruling Awami League-led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina claimed a landslide win. The country’s main opposition party, the BNP, along with 20 other political parties boycotted the vote and termed it a scandalous farce.

The BNP called for a 48-hour countrywide strike and demanded cancellation of the elections results.