US firm will not stop production and sales of Gandhi beer

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US firm will not stop production and sales of Gandhi beer

Monitoring Desk: New England Brewing Company United States will not stop production and sales of Gandhi beer with brand name as Gandhi-Bot even after a case against the company filed by an Indian lawyer, reports Dispatch News Desk news agency.

The company apologised for putting a picture of Indian independence hero Mahatma Gandhi on its beer cans but justified its act and indicated that it will not stop  production and sales.

Company sent an email Indian media and justified brand decision of putting Gandhi photo on beer cane as:

“We do apologise if the good people of India find our Gandhi-Bot label offensive. Our intent is not to offend anyone but rather pay homage and celebrate a great man who we respect greatly”.

It may be mentioned that Mohandas Gandhi is known and followed as Mahatama Gandhi and Indians feel offensive and insulting that the name and photo of their leader is being used on a beer cane that is usually thrown in garbage after consumption.

In his petition to the court, the lawyer said that Gandhi’s image on alcohol cans was “condemnable” and punishable under Indian laws.

The owner of the company Westfall claimed that granddaughter and grandson of Gandhi have seen the label and have expressed their admiration.

Meanwhile Indo-Americans have urged immediate withdrawal of “Gandhi” beer, calling it highly inappropriate.

In a statement issued from Nevada (USA) today, organization said that peace icon Mahatma Gandhi abhorred drinking and selling beer named after him was highly damaging to his legacy and hurt the feelings of Indo-Americans and Indians.

Indo-American Leadership Confederation, pointed out the marketing beer for mercantile greed using Gandhi was trivialization of Gandhian principles and belittling of the Indo-American community and Indians.

It is pertinent to mention that Mahatma Gandhi was one of the few men in history to fight simultaneously on moral, religious, political, social, economic, and cultural fronts, and he continues to be widely respected as one of the greatest moral and political leaders of the twentieth century