US did not demand extradition of Snowden, claims Russian lawyer

Eurasia News

Lawyer for Edward Snowden Anatoly Kucherena has claimed that the US officials did not demand extradition  of his client officially. The only official letter from US Attorney General Eric Holder detailing America’s position on Edward Snowden and clarifying some point of US law did not contain any request to extradite him, Kucherena reminded.

“If there was any legal basis, they would immediately send such a request,”Kucherena stated. “We have to demonstrate prudence in [this situation]. The dialogue, no matter how hard it is, should be meaningful.”

“[Russia] is not a colony of the US, and we cannot be told ‘Give him to us!’”Kucherena added.

Since the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has been issued a temporary residence permit and finally left Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, everyone has been wondering where he is now. Snowden’s lawyer said that the whistleblower was in a “safe place” keeping a low profile for now due to “security reasons,” but would soon be ready to “meet with media representatives to answer all possible questions in person.”