Updates—Tower of Government College Lahore is crumbling—-a Rape attempt by a teacher to student in GCU

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Original Story of attempt of rape by a teacher to his student in GCU can be read to click this link

Lahore: The students and faculty at GCU Lahore have asked the Governor of Punjab who is also the chancellor of GCU to take action against the VC who is hindering impartial investigation of the rape attempt case. Disappointed by the inadequate response of the CM, the students said they had high hopes from the Punjab Khadim -i- A’ala. “Now we will ask the PPP Governor for help,” said Naila Aziz, a 2nd year student in BSc Honors.

“And if we don’t get justice from there, we will write to the Supreme Court,” she added. Bowing to pressure from the social media, the Chief Minister has appointed yet another committee instead of taking action against the VC for trying to cover up the r@p3 attempt and subverting the course of justice.

In response to an email from a former GCU faculty member, an official at HEC has also promised an investigation “as per rules.”

The cover up saga at GCU Lahore took an ugly turn with the VC openly harassing students and faculty who are vocal on social media about the issue, many GCU students have alleged. The VC told a group of students that they should be” worried about their degrees and not about the r@p3 case.”

There are many strange men in plain clothes following female students especially in the psychology department where the outcry has been the loudest. “They are keeping an eye on us in case we plan to stage a protest,” said Aneela, a psychology student. Many faculty members and students have expressed their discomfort at this new harassment by the Vice Chancellor.

Many old Ravians have also come out in response to this cover-up attempt by the VC and have openly condemned it on the social media. Zameer Shah, an old Ravian commented that the Convenor of the Committee” Zakria Butt is a controversial man and has left many scandals behind at his previous job. “ He also told DND that Zakria was fired by the former Vice Chancellor for “misbehavior and conduct unbecoming.”

It is important to note that the cover up of attempt of r@p3 is only the latest of the scandals surrounding the VC and his best friend Zakria Butt. They have become increasingly unpopular among the faculty for insisting on an inhuman teaching load of 21-24 hours per week. The Academic Staff Association has openly criticized the VC for this outrage but instead he has retaliated by threatening individual faculty members.

Even the post of Director Research was newly created by the VC so that he could bring back his best friend Zakria Butt to GCU at a high salary of nearly Rs. 3 lakh. This is tantamount to contempt of court as the Supreme Court has already declared appointment of retired people on senior administrative positions as illegal. The VC, however, has continued to appoint retired people in key posts.

It has been alleged that the VC seeks to now appoint his friend Zakria Butt to the prestigious position of Salam Chair in Physics. “This is shameful because Zakria Butt has only produced plagiarized papers and has no PhD’s to his credit,” another faculty member alleged on condition of anonymity. He added that he had evidence of plagiarism by both Khaleequr Rahman and Zakria Butt which has been sent to Chairman HEC for verification. The evidence was also shared with DND.