Ukrainian parliament cancels some anti-protest laws

Eurasia News

KIEV: A special session of the Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday cancelled some controversial anti-protest laws that sparked massive violent demonstrations in the country.

The development came hours after the country’s Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov submitted his resignation as a part of efforts to peacefully resolve the two-month crisis in the eastern European country.

A total of 361 MPs approved the cancelation of the laws aimed at calming violent unrest across the country as it was one of the main demands of the opposition.

On Monday, in a meeting with the opposition leaders, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych agreed to scrap the anti-protest law. The president also pledged an amnesty for detained demonstrators if the barricades set up by them on the streets are taken down.

In addition, the Ukrainian president also offered to bring the opposition into the government in a bid to resolve the crisis. However, the opposition leaders rejected the offer.