Ukrainian government planning clash at Maidan Euro on weekend?

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Ukrainian government planning for clash at Maidan Euro on weekend?

Kiev: There are strong chances for clash between anti-government protesters and pro-government supporters in Maidan Europe Kiev on Saturday.

Situation is becoming intense as the opposition is planning to hold a large demonstration at the upcoming weekend as Yuriy Lutsenko of “Third Ukrainian republic” as directed his workers to gather at Maidan Euro on weekend while there are reports that the National Security Council has planned to gather 200,000 persons in a pro-government rally at the same place.

Ukrania media claims that the government has set a task to provide the Ministry of Defence on the weekend of 14-15 December meals and supply 200,000 civilians who will come to Kiev to participate alternative mass actions in support of President Viktor Yanukovych. Government has already used force to disperse protesters but has failed to do so.