Totalitarianism is taking place in India by replacing Secularism

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By Mansoor Azam Qazi

Mansoor Azam Qazi is a Television Anchorperson and Chairman Pakistan Youth Assembly. He regularly appears at different television channels including State Run PTV News. He can be followed at Twitter as @MansoorAzamQazi

The RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat said “Must beware of wild dogs as they unite and invade. Hindus must unite to keep wild dogs at bay”.

Repeating ethnic cleansing tendencies of Nazism in Europe, RSS is a group of Hindu fanatics whose sole purpose is to make India only livable for Hindus by eliminating all the minorities. No space is left for minorities. Totalitarianism is taking place in India by replacing Secularism.

The world leaders on the other hand are just watching while humanity is dying a slow and painful death in this region of the world.

The truth of modern world is that it is experiencing another Hitler but this time his name is Narendra Damodardas Modi. The way he is dragging this whole region towards extermination is the same what Hitler did in 40s.



It’s been more than 180 plus days, the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) is under siege of Indian Army who on DAILY basis is ensuring brutality planned by the RSS mindset of Narendra Damodardas Modi. Kashmir where there is a Muslim majority have been fighting for its freedom for the last 72 years. Kashmiris are a Nation whose sixth generation is fighting for their independence to get their rights from the clutches of the Indian hostility state.

In these 72 years Kashmiris have not stepped down from this war of Freedom even for a day nor are they willing to let go of their right of determination.

M.S. Golwalker RSS Ideology is to keep up the purity of the nation and its culture. Few decades ago Germany shocked the world by her purging the country of Semitic races- the Jews. Germany has also shown it is impossible for different races and cultures, to be assimilated into one united whole, a good lesson for us in Hindustan to learn and profit. But then what happened with That Germany?

This cruel mindset was exhibited by Narendra Modi first in Gujrat by killing thousands of innocent Muslims and Christians along the way. Hence, he attained the notorious title of “Butcher of Gujrat”.

Brutal killing of Humanity in Valley of Kashmir (read as Indian Occupied Kashmir), raping the women in front of their families, abducting the children by RSS terrorists in front of Indian Armed forces needs to be stopped and for that the Global community should stop acting as a spectator as the situation is badly detoriating in Kashmir and ground reality is even worse than can be explained otherwise.

If this human rights violation will continue, remember my words, this killing of innocent humans will get a rebuttal from and within because Kashmiris are very resilient nation and would never accept subjugation and would continue their struggle for their Freedom.

The world has witnessed this in the last 72 years and even Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows that this human killing is not going to work for India’s stability or its future.

Recently, “The Economist” exposes intolerance in India and reported how does BJP Government in India is spreading Hindutva Policy and has challenged the diversity of Indian society. Modi who is sign of Intolerance, Terrorism, Brutality & Extremist mindset and these elements are in contrary to Secularism, therefore, Secularism is vanishing from India and soon if his insanity doesn’t stop he will burn the world in his extremist ideas of Hindutva.

The worst example in the history of Human kind is the filthy politics which is played in Indian held Kashmir by using Article 370 & 35-A of Indian Constitution to ensure Muslims majority areas convert into minority and Citizenship Bill is the living example of Intolerance in a Society which has created unrest in all over India.

This bill is getting challenged inside as well as outside the India and world now understands it too that Hindutva is not combining the people but dividing them in name of ethnic cleansing.

Now let’s talk about few scenarios while addressing the Kashmir Issue.

By doing all this and putting Kashmiris into siege, can Modi or RSS manage this situation? so the answer is big No.

They are unable to manage this for the last 72 years and still this is a failure of the so called Secular Thinking of Modi which is RSS mindset.




Now the question comes if they can’t manage this whole situation it is obvious that sooner or later this will back fire and it will be painful for the world as well. My argument in this regard is that we are talking about a Nation (Kashmiris) who are fighting for their freedom for the last 72 years. A Nation who has given lives of thousands of innocent humans for their motherland. A Nation who has seen the worst torture in the history of Human Kind and a Nation where the Youth is not giving up.

So the most important part is that this Nation is not giving up their freedom and if by any means Modi thinks that he or anyone can make this change, is actually damaging the essence of Humanity.

Some critical thinking is all what is required in all the power corridors of the world. Will the World stop Modi fanaticism before it’s too late?

Till when the world will watch all this Human Killings? Pakistan and many other countries are highlighting the seriousness of Kashmir on different forums but unfortunately no steps have been taken in this regard. Perhaps the most relevant question would be Is the business more than Humanity? And if it is then the historian will write this part of the history as Black Era of the world. The humanity should prevail and that is only possible if the world understands the meaning of Human Rights Violations. The Killings, the brutalities and the inhumanity in Kashmir should be stopped and kashmiris should be given right of self-determination which was promised to them 72 years ago.