Thousands of protestors stormed Town Hall in Kiev. Police did not stop protestors

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Kiev: Protesting in Maidan square have entered Town Hall of Kiev and police did not stop them to avoid any confrontation or voilePeople in support of the EU integration hold a rally in Kievnce. Moreover a court in Kiev has banned all types of protests in Kiev till Jan 2014. Hundreds are rallying in a square near-by, demanding the government and president resign over rejecting the EU association. Thousands are expected to flock in from the regions.

The administrative court in Kiev has complied with a suit from the city mayor’s office, prohibiting rallies on two major squares till January 7, including Independence Square, commonly referred to as Maidan and traditionally used by the Ukrainian opposition for protests against the government. The ban also includes three streets in downtown Kiev.


That means that until Orthodox Christmas any kind of demonstration will be illegal and suppressed by law enforcement.
But the dispersal of the opposition camp on Maidan in Kiev on Saturday, carried out forcefully by an elite riot police squad, has raised the hackles of opposition groups.