“The City Where Dreams Come True” launches in London

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‘The City Where Dreams Come True’ launched in London

By Raza Syed and Sohail Loun

Tajik author Gulsifat Shahidi
London, United Kingdom: A book “A city where dreams come true ” written in English and Russain Language by Tajik author Gulsifat Shahidi , published by Hertfordshire Press Ltd launched on 20th March at University college London.

“THE CITY WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE” A Collection of Four Stories by Gulsifat Shahidi Viewed from the perspective of three generations, Shahidi presents a rare and poignant insight into the impact which Tajikistan’s terrible civil war had on its people and its culture during the early ’90s. Informed partly by her own experiences as a journalist, these beautifully interwoven stories are imbued with both her affection for her native land and her hopes for its future. The narrators – Horosho, his granddaughter Nekbaht, her husband Ali and his cousin Shernazar – each endure harrowing episodes of loss, injustice and violence but against all odds, remain driven by a will to survive, and restore peace, prosperity and new opportunities for themselves and fellow citizens.

Tajik author Gulsifat Shahidi

A participant of the event expressed his views and said,”This book looks simple on the outside, but then it hits you a week later, oh that was wonderful, sophisticated description. She is a remarkable lady and I am privileged to be here”.

Gulsifat Shahidi – the author of a collection of stories and miniatures described with a fine sensitivity and sincerity inherent in this talented writer. The author gives us vivid stories that have taken place with the heroes in times of civil war in Tajikistan in 1990-1993 years. The war, the fight left a lasting impression in the life of each of them. We read stories that permeate the days of the civil war, and recognize the value and importance of peace in the world. Gulsifat able to transfer all the pictures with precision and sensuality.

Tajik author Gulsifat Shahidi

Gulsifat Shakhidi is the participant of International Open Eurasia and Central Asia literature contest 2015. She was awarded by the Association “Generals of the World are for Peace” highest award, “Dove of Peace” medal for the best work on the topic of strengthening of peace, friendship and mutual understanding between peoples.

A majority of student and People from different walk of life attended the book launching event.

(Photography by Ruby Hyder)