Thai protests cost $4 billion to country since November 2013

Eurasia News

A country to total halt–politically and financially-This is Thailand —one of the most wanted destination of tourism and investors. Thai protests cost $4 billion to country since November.

Protests that started in November 2013 resulted in grinding halt of everything related to financial and social developments. Shopping centers have been burned to the ground, airports attacked, and government services have become nearly non-existent during times of protest. Schools and universities are closed as dissidents pledge to “shutdown” the city by blocking traffic and disabling power.  Global funds have withdrawn $3.9 billion from Thai bonds and stocks since the beginning of November, with the Thai baht losing 3.5 percent, Bloomberg data shows. Financial indicators sense that equity and bond funds stood at $44.2 billion in year 2012 and now stand at less than 39—- with drop of $3.6 billion.