Thai police launches operation to retake occupied govt buildings in Bangkok

Eurasia News

BANKGOK: The Thai police clashed with anti-government protesters on Tuesday during a raid to retake government buildings in Bangkok occupied by demonstrators for several weeks, but the clash left a policeman dead and 14 other policemen injured, the country’s national police chief Adul Saengsing kaew said.

Moreover, 44 other persons were also injured and about 100 anti-government protesters were arrested during the clash that broke out after demonstrators rejected the police demand to leave the area around the prime minister’s offices within one hour.

The operation was launched a day after the Thai government announced that it would mobilize 25,000 policemen to retake five government buildings that have been occupied by anti-government demonstrators for several weeks.

The anti-government protesters want Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to resign and make way for an unelected people’s council to implement reforms to end corruption.