Thai govt refuses to delay February polls

Eurasia News

BANGKOK: The Election Commission in Thailand on Thursday urged the Yingluck Shinawatra’s government to delay the upcoming elections, citing safety fears for candidates during the election campaign, Dispatch News Desk reported.

However, the government rejected the call from the Election Commission, saying that the parliament was already dissolved so there was no legal reason for a delay in the parliamentary polls, which are scheduled for February 2.

The Election Commission had expressed concern that it could not organize free and fair elections under the constitution in the current circumstances.

Earlier in the day, a police officer was killed when fresh clash broke out between the security forces and anti-government protesters in the capital Bangkok.

Police used tear gas, rubber bullets on protesters who attempted to halt planning for the elections over the controversial security law.

On Wednesday, the Thai cabinet gave its consent to extend the internal security act for two months, which allows the security forces to ban rallies, block roads, impose curfews and conduct searches.