Tajikistan expresses concerns over security situation in Afghanistan in QCCM meeting

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Tajikistan expresses concerns over security situation in Afghanistan in QCCM meeting

Dushanbe, Tajikistan: Tajikistan has shown its grave concerns over deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan during first meeting of Quadrilateral Cooperation and Coordination Mechanism (QCCM held in Urumqi China on August 3, 2016.

Tajikistan expresses concerns over security situation in Afghanistan in QCCM meeting

According to sources, Tajik delegation headed by Major General Sobidzoda, First Deputy Defence Minister and CGS Tajikistan armed forces expressed its concern over constant pressure of civil war of Afghanistan on Tajik borders.

It may be mentioned that Afghan Taliban are continuously building pressure in different provinces bordering Tajikistan including Kunduz that was fallen in past to Taliban for several days and now Taliban have practically captured many towns of Takhar province bordering Panj district of Khatlon region of Tajikistan.

News coming from Afghanistan confirmed that Afghan security forces withdrew from the battle in Dashti Archi  and that gave a vacuum to Taliban to capture some areas. Meanwhile Radio Ozadi which is a US funded project claims that Taliban are gaining grounds in all districts of Takhar province.

Reports coming from Afghanistan further suggest that different towns bordering Tajikistan and Kunduz province including Arab Kakol, Darqand, Qara Tepa, Zard Kamar and Kuruk along with strategic Dashti Qala were fallen to Taliban in last week of July.

There is no Afghan government left in Arab Kakol, Darqand, Qara Tepa, Zard Kamar, Kuruk and Dashti Qala and Afghan Army ran away from these areas after a massive attack that continued for three nights and four days”, claim a local of Dashti Qala when asked to comment.

He also claimed that hundreds of families evacuated these areas due to constant fighting between Taliban and Afghan forces.

Local residents reported that clashes between government forces and militants periodically occur in different directions, and this has forced the population to leave their homes and these areas are little further away from the border with Tajikistan.

Directorate of Border Troops of the National Security Committee of Tajikistan Muhammad Ulughodzhaev confirmed that border guards in Tajikistan informed him about constant militants (Taliban) and the situation on the alarm sections of the Tajik-Afghan border is under increased supervision of the Tajik authorities.

According to him, Tajik state border with Afghanistan has been sufficiently reinforced last year when the Taliban captured the Afghan city of Kunduz and the surrounding areas that directly border with Tajikistan.

Tajikistan feel comfortable with formation of Quadrilateral Cooperation and Coordination Mechanism in counter terrorism by Afghanistan-China-Pakistan-Tajikistan armed forces because it would be a place where Tajikistan can express its concern and can get militarily support from other member countries if needed.

It may be mentioned that QCCM would coordinate and provide mutual support in the fields of counter terrorism situation evaluation, clue verification, intelligence sharing, counter terrorism capacity building, counter terrorism joint training exercises and personnel training.