Syria no-fly zone: US

Eurasia News

The US is debating setting up a no-fly zone across Syria and along Jordan’s border: a matter deemed difficult and costly but still being given serious consideration after disputed claims that nerve gas was used by the Syrian government.

“Washington is considering a no-fly zone to help Assad’s opponents,” one senior diplomat told Reuters. He said it would be limited “time-wise and area-wise,”adding that it could be implemented “possibly near the Jordanian border.”

A White House spokesperson stated on Friday that it would be expensive, and not their preferred choice. “We feel like the best course of action is to try to strengthen a moderate opposition,” Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes told a news briefing.

Even a limited zone could cost the US at much as $50 million per day, according to the WSJ.  A full-scale operation would be considerably more expensive. The Pentagon has hopes that US foreign partners will help in footing the bill, if necessary.