Swasthani Festival is being celebrated in Nepal

Eurasia News

Kathmandu: Holy baths in the Shali River on the occasion of the month-long Swasthani Festival in Sankhu, Kathmandu by Hindu women are going one. The ritual is dedicated to Goddess Shree Swasthani, a Goddess known to grant the wishes of her devotees, reports Dispatch News Desk (DND).

The month long festival is marked by a month long fasting especially by women for the sake of family welfare or getting a good husband. Every night family members gather around, recite one chapter of the story each day till the 31st day. The book has 31 chapters which tell the story of life of various Gods and Goddesses.

When the festival concludes next month, various types of foods are prepared to mark the end of the day and it is believed that every thing has to be 108 pieces even the flowers. Of the 108 pieces, eight are to be given to the husbands, if there is no husband then to son, and if no son then to the son of a friend, and if no friend then the fasting lady has to formally release it on the nearby river.