South Waziristan elders to take US missile attacks issue to ICJ

Eurasia News

ISLAMABAD: South Waziristan’s elders would take the issue of ongoing US lethal missile attacks in their areas before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), tribal elders announced on Saturday.

In a peace conference held in Islamabad against missile attacks in Waziristan areas, participants said that people of Waziristan have turned into mental patients by frequent lethal missile attacks in their areas.

Total 3,400 people have been killed in 339 missile attacks in South Waziristan since 2004, they informed. Similarly, total 176 innocent children have also lost their lives in these attacks, they said.

The tribal elders present on the occasion informed that during Bush administration, total 52 missile attacks had been launched and now during Obama administration record breaking 398 missile attacks launched in Waziristan.

Meanwhile, South Waziristan’s elders announced on the occasion that they have decided to move ICJ against US missile attacks in their areas.