Sochi 2014: Leaders urge observance of Olympic Truce

Eurasia News

sochidndMOSCOW: The Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday called on participants in all in armed conflicts to proclaim an Olympic truce for this period, as only a day left before the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

“Our message is primarily addressed to the sides in Syria’s bloody conflict, which is exerting a serious destabilizing impact both on the situation in that country and the region as a whole,” the ministry said.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a speech to the International Olympic Committee on Thursday also reiterated his appeal for warring parties around the world to lay down arms during the Sochi Olympics.

“I repeat my call, again and again, for all warring parties to lay down their weapons during the games,” the UN chief said.

The UN chief said that a truce would allow for the delivery of life-saving humanitarian aid to suffering people.