Smart watches too big for ya? Try a Smarty Ring

Eurasia News


Smarty Ring is just what the name implies, a smart ring which will be able to attach itself to your smartphone. While big dogs of Android like Samsung and Sony are trying to capture the Smart Watch territory, the Smarty Ring is sneaking to introduce an even smaller piece of wearable tech jewelry.

The idea itself is very unique and we are surprised to see what the Smarty Ring is capable of. Well at least what its Indiegogo campaign is promising us it will be able to do. The Smarty Ring will be a ring with a nice looking display and will show you vital information without even turning the screen of your smartphone on. This means you will be able to tell time, check text messages and even control the music app by using the Smarty Ring. As it is so small, it won’t be that obtrusive.

While Smarty Ring is a great idea on paper, we have yet to see a functioning demo. We are very wary of scams and will not recommend that you commit to spend $175 on the Smarty Ring just yet. But the thing is when the Smarty Ring is ready to ship to retailers it will sell for $275. This is one of those crowd funded campaigns which really tempt you but there is obvious risk involved. As for the timings, the Smarty Ring will be able to provide 24 hours of service before needing a charge thanks to its 22 mAh battery. The ring is also water proof so you don’t have to worry about taking it to the beach. It also acts as a tracker of your smartphone and tells you when you are leaving the Bluetooth 4.0 range. It is supposed to launch in April 2014 but we are not sure. The picture above is a render and there is no actual device to show for, this is why we are waiting to see what comes to fruition.