Sindh High Court orders to include Federation of Pakistan in QMobile case

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Sindh High Court orders to include Custom authorities in QMobile smartphone case

Karachi, Pakistan: Sindh High Court has ordered to include Custom authorities of Pakistan and the Federation of Pakistan in QMobile smartphone case.

According to 92 News channel of Pakistan, Sindh High Court while releasing written order said that QMobile has to satisfy court that every set of QMobile has International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

It may be mentioned that Supreme Court of Pakistan in past directed Custom authorities of Pakistan that no cell phone set would be imported to Pakistan without IMEI number because tracking phone become impossible if there is no IMEI number and terrorists and criminals could use such phones to conducting their activities.

It may be mentioned that QMobile is allegedly involved in selling phones without having a valid IMEI number and 92 News reported that QMobile Company is allegedly selling smartphones that have no IMEI numbers on them.

It may be mentioned that it is the legal responsibility of mobile manufacturers to allocate IMEI numbers to every single unit of handset before selling it in the market.

“It is an offence in Pakistan to use cell phones without having IMEI identity. If you do not have IMEI number then security agencies cannot track cell phone if user changes service provider and criminals usually have more than one SIM and they keep changing their cell number. The only thing that can ensure tracking such terrorist or criminal is IMEI identity of phone set. If agencies have IMEI number then they can track the smartphone and even block it”, said a former official dealing with counterterrorism department in Pakistan.