Sepahan Air airliner crashed in Tehran killing 48 persons onboard

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Monitoring Desk, Tehran, Iran: Sepahan Air flight crashed with 40 passengers on board near Mehrabad airport. The plane was heading to Tabas from Tehran. It is 140 Sepahan Air airliner flight#HH5915.

Passenger plane crashed with 48 persons on board in Tehran

Official available information from Iran Civil Aviation authorities are here under:

Flight number HH5915 was a Domestic Scheduled Passenger.  A HESA IrAn-140 passenger plane, operated by Sepahan Air, crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran-Mehrabad Airport (THR), Iran. There were 40 passengers and 8 crew members on board. The airplane broke up and burst into flames.  Air craft was not very old as it had its first flight in year 2008. Its Registration number was EP-GPA and it was twin engines Antonov 140: 2 engines of Klimov TV3-117VMA-SBM1.

Eyewitness claim that plane did not crash in residential areas of Azadi township but in an open area in a military zone belonging to the Iranian Defense Industries 6km (4 miles) to the East of the airport.

Managing-Director of Taban Air Mohammad Ilkhani confirmed that flight was carrying 40 passengers and 8 crew. Ilkhani confirmed that the pilot was about to take off at the end of the runway when he lost his starboard engine and crashed the plane seconds after take-off.

Flame could be seen from main road near crash spot in Tehran city. Plane crashed just after take off. Local authorities fear that all persons on board are dead.