Saudi Tourist Visa: Saudi Arabia will offer Tourist Visa from June 2015

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Saudi Arabia will offer Tourist Visa from June 2015

JEDDAH — The unprecedented decision by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) to start issuing tourist visas will bring 35 billion Saudi Riyal every year to kingdom, reports Saudigazette,

Saudi Arabia will start giving Tourist Visa from June 2015 and rough estimates indicate that over 7 million tourists will visit to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on tourism visa from first year of its implementation. Saudi Arabia is drifting its economy from oil based to to tourism  based.

According to Prince Abdullah Bin Saud Bin Muhammad, the chairman of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (JCCI) tourism committee, the decision will drastically improve the Saudi tourism industry.

“The Kingdom has huge tourist potential and will be one of the main attractions in the region thanks to the new decision,” he said. He further mentioned that the decision to issue tourist visas was an unprecedented move for the Kingdom.

It may be mentioned that businessmen and many other concerned parties have been calling for the issuance of tourist visas to boost the industry in the Kingdom and the SCTA has finally responded positively to these requests.

Prince Abdullah noted that the decision was accompanied by a number of other regulations to improve the accommodation sector including fines of up to SR50,000 for tourism facilities working without classification certificates.

He asked for organizing an international conference to boost tourism in the Kingdom in addition to efforts to improve the industry and tackle all its challenges.