Russian student Sergey Danshin murdered in Rio de Janeiro

Eurasia News

RIO DE JANEIRO – A 17-year-old Russian student  Sergey Danshin was found dead on the outskirts of Marica, a resort city near Rio de Janeiro. Sergey Danshin’s body was discovered on the banks of the Canal da Costa, a stream outside Marica. he Russian tourist was shot at least three times in the head, police said.

Danshin, a student, arrived in Brazil with four friends and a teacher on Thursday for a vacation and was staying at a house belonging to some friends in Marica. The teenager went to a bar with his friends on Friday night, police said.

The group returned to the house, but Petrovich decided to go back alone to the bar, where he was last seen alive.

Investigators have not ruled out robbery as a motive for the killing even though the teenager’s backpack containing his cell phone, credit card, cigarettes and lighter was found, police said.