Russian – Indian military exercises «Indra – 2016» building up

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Russian – Indian military exercises «Indra – 2016» gears up

Moscow, Pakistan: Russian military is holding exercises with Indian and Pakistan simultaneously but separately as Friendship2016 kicks off in Pakistan while “Indra 2016” gears up in Primorsky Krai region of Russia.


“Exercises are being held in Sergeyevsky range where aviation and artillery are being used to eliminate simulated terrorist groups”, confirms military channels.

Russian- Indian counter-terrorist exercise will end on October 2, 2016.


According to military circles of Russia, the joint force group of the Eastern MD and the Indian Armed Forces are working together aimed at detecting, blocking, and eliminating simulated terrorist groupings and illegal armed establishment. Aviation and artillery are being used to detect and eliminate simulated terroriusts.

Over 500 servicemen of both the countries, up to 50 pieces of armament and military hardware, including IFVs, APCs, T-72 tanks, Grad MLRS, cross-country automobiles, UAVs army aviation of the Eastern MD are involved in the joint exercise.


Meanwhile, Russian-Pakistani tactic exercise has started at the base of Rattu Pakistan, where about 70 military servicemen of the Southern MD mountain motorized rifle brigade are taking part.

It may be mentioned that this is the first exercise held by the Russian Armed Forces jointly with the Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The servicemen will share their experience and improve cooperation while performing assigned tasks in mountains, including ones aimed at eliminating illegal armed groups.