Russia puts India on Blacklist destinations

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Russia puts India on Blacklist destinations

By Veronica

Moscow, Russia: Russian authorities have put India in Black list for travel by putting off India from the list of “Destinations safe to travel”.

According to Dispatch News Desk news agency, India is no more in the “List of safe travel destinations”. The reason behind this announcement is intimidation, harassment, verbal and physical abuse and even rape cases against Russian tourists in India.

Russian authorities have recommended Russian tourists not to travel to Goa and other parts of India.

In a statement released on Saturday November 28, 2015, the Russian information centre for tourists said that India, Egypt and Turkey are now on Blacklist destinations list.

It may be mentioned that Russia is the first from European countries to put India on Blacklist due to harassment and rape cases although thousands of European tourists including men had been raped in India during the last five years.

Two Russian tourists were murdered in Goa while over 400 cases of physical abuse against female Russian tourists were reported only in Goa in last one year.

Tourism experts say that ban on Turkey, India and Egypt will ultimately benefit gulf states  as Russian tourists are crazy for hot beaches and Dubai will get more traffic of Russian tourists.

Indian government has not responded this act of Russian government to put India on Blacklist for travel.

Russia puts India on Blacklist of travel destinations

It may be mentioned that India was 38th popular destination among Russian tourists and a number of giant Russian tourism organisations have invested in travel and tourism industry of India.

Experts believe that there is a possibility that other European countries can put India in blacklist of destinations after Russia has taken this harsh decision.

Indian tourism industry believe that Indian government has failed to introduce strict laws to control rape and physical abuse against tourists and this situation has played havoc with Indian incoming tourism industry.