Rumours of death of Karimov widespread while country celebrating its mars of 25th Independence Day

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Rumours of death of Karimov widespread while country celebrating its mars of 25th Independence Day

Monitoring Desk: Uzbek people have started celebrations to mark 25th Independence Day in Tashkent while international media claims President Islam Karimov has died two days ago, reports Dispatch News Desk (DND) news agency.

Uzbekistan postponed official celebrations of its 25th Independence Day, claims European media.

However, official news agency of Uzbekistan Jahon News says President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has received hearty congratulations with best wishes from the heads of states and governments of foreign countries.

His daughter Lola Karimova Tillyaeva said in her message at Instagram on August 31 evening that:

My father was hospitalised after suffering a cerebral haemorrhage on Saturday morning, and is now receiving treatment in an intensive care unit. His condition is considered stable. At the moment it is too early to make any predictions about his future health.
My only request to everyone is to refrain from any speculations, and show respect to our family’s right to privacy. I will be grateful to everyone who will support my father with prayers.

Meanwhile, international media claims that Uzbek government will not share information of Karimov’s death before installing new President of this land locked Central Asian state. It may be mentioned that former Soviet Union did not share death of Stalin for some days unless new Secretary General of the Party was not installed and same practice was repeated at the death of Brezhnev.

Meanwhile, Uzbek state run television read out an Independence Day address from the President Karimov. The address aired at 8 p.m. Uzbekistan Time was read out by a news anchor in the first person as if written by Karimov.

Celebrations of 25th Independence Day have been halted by all Uzbek embassies world over without giving any reason and Uzbekistan is celebrating its 25 Independence Day today (September 1, 2016) but news of Independence Day celebrations have overcome by contradictory news that Father of the Nation and its President Islam Karimov is either fighting for his life in a hospital or has already died. Government has not confirmed his death but official events for Independence Day have been cancelled but public will continue to celebrate Independence Day till instructions come from government to postponed celebrations.


International media believes that Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyoyev will become new acting President in case Karimov fails to run country or medical reasons or in case of the death of Karimov. However, reports coming from Kazakhstan suggest that Chief of General Staff of Uzbekistan can take the portfolio in case Karimov is dead or in critical medical condition.

It may be mentioned that Islam Karimov suffered a brain hemorrhage on August 27 and his daughter Lola Karimova shared information about bad health of her father through her Istagram account on Monday as security forces surrounded the hospital caring for him.

Karimov is 78 year old and is (was) ruling the country since Soviet era as head of Communist Party of former Uzbek SSR and then as its president.

International media call him dictator and autocratic ruler while his nation respect him as Father of the Nation.