Rohith Vemula’s mother dragged in Delhi but media is silent

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Rohith Vemula’s mother dragged in Delhi’s street but media is silent

By Alonee Shital

Soon after Smriti Irani had delivered her emotionally charged speech at the parliament , Prime Minister shared the video with his 18 million followers on Twitter. The link was preceded by “satyamev Jayte.” Her speech was all over the social media and on TV. It was called powerful and passionate. However, while she was busy ‘playing mother’ Rohith’s mother was being dragged on the streets of Delhi by the police. She went to India Gate with other well wishers to pay respects to Rohith, in a candle light procession. She was dragged by the police and later detained by the Delhi police along with others. The news was barely covered by the mainstream media. It should be noted however that candle night marches at India Gate usually get covered by all media houses. One wonders why such a serious incident was looked over by the media. Is it a coincidence that Smriti Irani is being branded as a compassionate mother by the media, while Radhika Vemula is being humiliated? Police is busy playing puppet in the hands of the politicians as has been witnessed in Patiyala court Incident.

Rohith Vemula’s mother dragged in Delhi’s street but media is silent

Radhika vemula has some questions that she would like Smriti Irani and Narendra Modi.Why did Rohith and other dalit students got branded as an anti-national in the first place. Why the ministry wrote letters to the university? And if Modiji seriously considers Rohith ‘bharat maa ka laal’ then why no actions are being taken against people who drove rohith to take the extreme step.

Radhika Vemula has lost his son who was just 26 and now she is asking for justice. It took them three months to destroy what she had built bit by bit in 26 years.

Salonee Shital is currently an MA student at school of international studies, JNU

Note: This article was lifted from India Resists dot come