A French Perspective: Political paranoids and media hype killing fragile tourism industry

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A French Perspective: Political paranoids and media hype killing fragile tourism industry

A French Perspective: Political paranoids and media hype killing fragile tourism industry

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I was reading an article published by a French Travel company — Leah the travel agent. This article was thought provoking regarding real situation travel and tourism market and industry facing today.

The last night event of Ottawa attack where terrorists went inside the Parliament building of Canada and sprayed bullets indicates that anything can happen anywhere then why only poor countries are being put on “Travel Advisory” lists by western countries? Remember terrorists did not only attack Canadian Parliament rather terrorists also attacked two more spots of Capital of Canada at the same time. Yes this is true Western media is not giving a hype to this event and even did not use word “Terrorist attack” for many hours after this incident unless US President Mr. Obama and Canadian Prime Minister held telephonic conversation and decided to accept that it was a terror attack. Here you see how western media plays with events?

I put translation and put some narratives directly from the writer of the article that lure me to write this piece for you. She writes:

France fears the Islamist fanatics who can attack anywhere in the country since the country is “at war” against terrorism.

They can hit us (France) in 43 countries and all these 43 countries are now part of list classified as “yellow” (color did not yet know as these can be put to Red also in forthcoming months or can place again as Green also).

Why not Paris?

More or less discreetly, Government building, important spots and department stores have tightened control/security in Paris.

Sunday, I went wandering in streets and I was surprised to see so many policemen in uniform and high security at the ends of each bridge in Paris.

France has the fear of Ebola. Admittedly, some European nationals infected with the disease. All these have been contaminated in West Africa. When the cases were reported, patients were repatriated, isolated, treated and cured.

France has the fear of deflation, France is afraid of pushing extreme parties, France (French) is afraid of losing his job, not to see his upgraded retirement, having to “cash in” the decline of family allowances or other benefits social.

Writer says that France has fear and French go wrong and 5000 Travel companies and travel agencies in France are facing the situation and these companies must take action to face the situation

No way to maintain psychosis and explain (even if it’s a good way) that a bomb may explode tomorrow Lyon Station, the tunnel under the English Channel or RER. 

She gave some professional advices to other travel agents to respond cancellations situation of tours in this article. Her advices are good for travel and tourism operators but this article also indicates how travel and tourism market is fragile and how political and media hypes kill people financially.

Tourism is a major bread earner for many regions where millions of poor people live over tourism money. Can we help them? Yes if we fight back negative media hypes and political paranoids.


You can read French article “The life of a travel agent (almost) Blonde” written by Leah the travel agent to click this link