Paris Attacks:—Role of Middle Eastern media to glorify radical Islam

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Paris Attacks:—Role of Middle Eastern media to glorify radical Islam

By Syeda Munawara Qazi

The majority of political analysts, television anchors and journalists belonging to Middle East are trying to sell old conspiracy theory that  Paris attacks are sheer act of planned terrorism engineered by Neocons (NEOCONSERVATIVES) who wish to make reality of an old idea of Clash of Civilizations.

Al-Jazeera English during its special transmission of covering Million March in Paris Sunday kept trying to say that Paris attacks were result of marginalization of Muslims in Western societies. It also tried to say that video of Kosher market attacker is fake in which Amedy Coulibaly said that his attack was in accordance to instructions of ISL/ISIS and he was follower of Khalifa Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. Before appearance, entire western media kept trying to say that attacks were planned by Al-Qaeeda and attackers had no links to Syria crises. Now western media accepted that fourth attacker – Hayat Boumeddiene left to Turkey after attacks. Turkey has been a base camp of western Jihadis to wage Jihad against Shia regime of Syria and Salafi Muslims are reaching from all over the world through Turkish borders to fight against Shia regime. Hatay Airport Turkey is gateway of “Jihadi Tourism” where Turkish agencies are giving access to every European Jihadis to lands with or without passport and enter into Syria border. It is simple to understand what western countries and media were avoiding to accept the direct link of Salafi Jihadism and Syrian connection because they had been promoting and luring Muslim youth belong to salafi sect of Islam to reach “Urgently” to help Syrian rebels who are fighting “holy War” against Shia regime.  

There is a Question —–why Al-Jazeera is trying to create doubts against video of Amedy Coulibaly . Answer is simple that everybody knows that Al-Jazeera is a very effective tool of Salafi Islam that had been glorifying suicide bombers and their lives. This channel has questionable role in post 9/11 conflicts all over the Muslim world including in promoting Afghan Taliban, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, Islamic movement in China and even it tried to spread hate among Shia, Sunnis and Hindus in India some years back . Many countries of the world have taken serious actions against Al-Jazeera due to its constant tilt to promote Jihadism all over the world. Being a constant viewer of Al-Jazeera network I surely understand its editorial tilts and mechanism to promote the concept of Intafada and radical Islamic concepts those are artfully painted by western colours.

Ok we buy this conspiracy theory (for some hours) of radical Islamists that Israel and CIA hatched this conspiracy of Paris attack as they did of 9/11 (Salafi media constantly promote that 9/11 was also a conspiracy hatched by Israel and CIA), even then there is a big question that why only Salafis and Wahabi Muslims are executing actions according to CIA and Israel to defame Islam?  Is Wahabism is a part of this conspiracy against Islam? Because all Muslims involved in 9/11, other attacks on West and USA and now in Paris belong to only one sect of Islam—-Wahabism. Bangladesh as a country and Bangalis as a nation have take stiff action against this sect of Islam since its independence because we believe that radicalism is brought by Wahabism or one can say Wahabism is the second name of radical Islam.

Western media sometimes throw strong criticisms over Bangladesh for its stiff management with Islamic parties and claim that Bangladesh in involved in Human Rights abuses. Now this is time for western countries and western media to think that freedom of expressions and so-called western standards of Human rights can be so fatal for a country or for a region in reference to what happened in Paris. All terrorists were on the list of French intelligence agencies. One of them had been in jail for hiring Islamists for Jihad in Middle East but they were free to roam and live—Thanks to Human standards of Europe. It may be mentioned that Hayyat Boumeddiene was questioned by police in 2010 in connection with a plot to break an Algerian jihadi out of Paris prison and police had credible information that Boumeddiene, Coulibaly and the Kouachi brothers were all linked to the plot.

European countries have ample resources, technologies and networking to fight against terrorism but they are failing to control terrorism while developing nations like Bangladesh are very fragile countries and they must be stiff at first stance and take action against Islamists those can create disasters on the name of religion with foreign funding— mostly from Middle East.

Bangladesh has been effectively keeping an eye of Arab Media working the country or outside the country but trying to visit Bangladesh because we believe that Arab media has its own agenda and this agenda is to destabilize developing economy, poor countries and weak democracies. So let them away from us—for sure.



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Editor Note: 

Eurasian News Desk is receiving worthy comments over this Opinion on facebook and other social media platforms. We decide to incorporate these comments here under this article. 

1- What I tell you,  is that people, the native European is tired and the mood of the whole society is a reaction to the abuses they are suffering all the past years and it’s something previsible. The European mood is of war, and the things will get worse. The right wings and the extreme right wings are growing because people, the european native want it, because they’re upset with the situation that the immigrants are provoking in their home. When someone goes to others home, this person have to respect the rules of the owner of the home, and not impose his own rules, otherwise war will be the next step, because nobody will accept be disrespected inside own home and what many all around the world is saying is that: ” Europeans are too tolerant with the intolerants.” Growth of the extreme right wings, growth of the Defenses Leagues, growth of skin heads and nationalists, and next step WAR, is the mood of the native european. So it’s not something “invented” by the politicians of right wing, it’s the wish of the common people.


2- We need to focus on the strategies and tactics employed by the left in pursuit of its political and social objectives. The strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. They use an unremitting bombardment of the family, schools, churches, criminal-justice system, media, economy and political system that means negate Western culture can exist.

Thomas Sowell identifies a four-stage strategy that the left has used repeatedly in order to promote its agendas:
– Stage 1, The “Crisis”: Some situation exists, whose negative aspects the anointed [leftists] propose to eliminate. Such a situation is routinely characterized as a “crisis” … even though evidence is seldom asked or given to show how the situation at hand is either uniquely bad or threatening to get worse. Sometimes the situation described as a “crisis” has in fact already been getting better for years.
– Stage 2, The “Solution”: Policies to end the “crisis” are advocated by the anointed, who say that these policies will lead to beneficial result A. Critics say that these policies will lead to detrimental result Z. The anointed dismiss these latter claims as absurd and “simplistic,” if not dishonest.
– Stage 3, The Results: The policies are instituted and lead to detrimental result Z.
– Stage 4, The Response: Those who attribute detrimental result Z to the policies instituted are dismissed as “simplistic” for ignoring the “complexities” involved, as “many factors” went into determining the outcome. The burden of proof is on the critics to demonstrate to a certainty that these policies alone were the only possible cause of the worsening that occurred. No burden of proof whatever is put on those who had so confidently predicted improvement. Indeed it is often asserted that things would have been even worse, were it not for the wonderful programs that mitigated the inevitable damage from other factors.



The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Dispatch News Desk and Eurasian News. Assumptions made within the analysis may not reflective of the position of Dispatch News Desk.