Pakistanis raged over allegations of British Attorney General for spreading corruption in society

Eurasia News

London:  Pakistanis are corrupting society, claims British Attorney General Dominic Grieve who in a interview to UK based newspaper said that Corruption is rife in Britain’s Pakistani community.

He was of the view that politicians needed to ‘wake up’ to the threat of corruption posed by minority communities using a ‘favour culture’. He gave example of  electoral corruption callig it a problem in constituencies such as Slough in Berkshire. Tory councillor Eshaq Khan was found guilty of fraud involving postal ballots in 2008. Khan and five others were jailed in 2009 for using ‘ghost’ voters to win a local council ballot to oust longstanding Labour councillor Lydia Simmons from her seat on Slough Borough Council.

he was criticised by Pakistani commnuty over this blunt interview to newspaper and in response he released a statement in which he said :

‘I am very clear that integration between ethnic communities in the United Kingdom has worked well and has delivered great benefits for all of us. ‘The point I was making is that, as a law officer, it’s my duty to ensure the rule of law is upheld, and one of the issues that I feel requires close attention is any potential for a rise in corruption to undermine civil society”.