Pakistan‚ India DGMOs discuss LoC tensions in cordial environment

Eurasia News

LAHORE:  Pakistan and India’s Directors General Military Operations (DGMOs)  met on the Pakistani side of the Wagah border on Tuesday to work out a mechanism to ease tension and ensure peace at the Line of Control (LoC).

The Pakistani side was led by the Director General Military Operations Major General Aamer Riaz while the Indian side by Lieutenant General Vinod Bhatia. One brigadier and three lieutenant colonels from each side also participated in the talks to assist their heads.

The DGMOs of the two countries discussed issues pertaining to tension on the LoC and other related issues on the working boundary with a focus to maintain ceasefire and bring normalcy.

The officials said that the meeting, which lasted for one-and-a-half hour, held in cordial and congenial environment.

Meanwhile‚ in a statement the Inter-Services of Public Relations (ISPR) said that decision for holding meeting between Pakistan and Indian DGMOs was taken on political level.

The meeting arrived after the Pakistani DGMO had extended an invitation to his Indian counterpart to have a meeting on December 24 to discuss ways to strengthen the ceasefire on the LoC.

Under a mechanism agreed in September 29 between the Indian and Pakistani prime ministers in New York, the two countries had agreed that their DGMOs would hold regular talks for reducing tensions along the LoC.

The two countries agreed to a ceasefire along the LoC in 2003, but the agreement has been periodically breached, with both sides regularly accusing each other of violations.

Though hostilities have relatively cooled down now, border troops have exchanged fire several times over the past few months.