Pakistan eyes access to US markets, seeks help to end energy crisis

Eurasia News

WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called upon the US to help Islamabad gain access to its markets and grapple with energy crisis, Dispatch News Desk reported.

Addressing a gathering of prominent business leaders at the US-Pakistan Business Council at the US Chamber of Commerce, he said Pakistan is currently beset with myriad challenges, noting the Pakistani people voted for peace, progress and democracy during May 2013 elections.

Lawlessness and energy crisis, he noted, are the major stumbling blocks in the way for economic growth, pleading the US to help the country tackle the energy crisis as his government took up the task of economic stability.

The Prime Minister furthermore underlined the importance of peace for economic growth in South Asia.

Pakistan seeks amicable relations with India, he stressed saying, “The peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan is interlinked between the two countries.”