Pakistan Cricket Board hires Indian company for copy right issues

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Pakistan Cricket Board hires Indian company for copy right issues

Islamabad, Pakistan: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) hires Indian company to protect its Copy Right Infringement, reports Dispatch News Desk news agency.

According to details, Mr. P. Mahatani of copy Right Integrity from Bangalore is looking after Copy Right infringement issues of PCB.

According to Copy Right notices sent to some Pakistan based organizations that were promoting cricket matches, Copyright Integrity International based in Bangalore Indian claims that this company has been granted contract to defend Copy right infringement of PCB. However, company has not included the name of PCB as its client on its list of clients posted at its website

Explaining further, the company says that it is engaged by clients in North America, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, the UAE and India. Pakistan name is not included in the list. PCB website also does not have any information about who is looking after its Copy right issues.

Pakistan Cricket Board hires Indian company for copy right issues
Photo from PCB website

According to notices sent to Pakistan based organization, company representative says:

I am an agent authorised to act on behalf of the owner of intellectual property rights. The intellectual property rights include the copyright in and the rights to broadcast live cricket matches of the Zimbabwe tour of Pakistan 2015  organised under the auspices of the Pakistan Cricket Board. These rights include, without limitation, TV Live Broadcast Rights and TV Highlights Rights, Mobile Rights, and Internet rights for Live, Deferred, Delayed broadcasts and Highlights for all matches relating to the Fixtures on the television and on the internet. These Exclusive Rights originate with the PCB. The PCB and its official broadcast partner and licensees are entitled to enforce these Exclusive Rights.

I may be contacted via e-mail at, via fax on +1 613 249 7305, or at PCB Rights, Copyright Integrity International, P.O. Box 4612, Bangalore 560 046, India

P. MAHTANI, Copyright Integrity International

Designation: Legal Counsel

Authorised agent for: Pakistan Cricket Board

Date: 30 May 2015

When PCB was contacted, its media spokesperson Agha Akbar did not respond sms or phone calls to comment over the situation.