No Syrian refugee resettled in GCC countries, says UNCHR latest report

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No Syrian refugee resettled in GCC countries, says UNCHR and Amnesty International latest reports

No Syrian refugee resettled in GCC countries, says UNCHR
No Syrian refugee resettled in GCC countries, says UNCHR

Moscow, Russia:  The latest report issued by UN Refugees Agency UNCHR reported published on September 9, 2015 indicates no Syrian refugee was resettled in of Gulf Cooperation Council.

Some members of GCC recently claim that millions of Syrian refugees were resettled in their countries however latest UNCHR report contradicts such claims as according to data collected by UNHCR till September 9.

Meanwhile latest Amnesty International Report  about  Syrian refugees released on September 4, 2015 contracts such claims and shows that more than 4 million refugees from Syria (95%) are in just five countries of Middle East including Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. According to this report, Lebanon hosts approximately 1.2 million refugees from Syria which amounts to around one in five people in the country, Jordan hosts about 650,000 refugees from Syria, which amounts to about 10% of the population, Turkey hosts 1.9 million refugees from Syria, more than any other country worldwide, Iraq where 3 million people have been internally displaced in the last 18 months hosts 249,463 refugees from Syria and Egypt hosts 132,375 refugees from Syria.

However, Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry on September claimed that KSA has hosted around 2.5 million Syrians since the beginning of the crisis in that country in 2011. In a statement issued by the state run SPA news agency, the ministry said the Syrians have been leading a decent and normal life in the Kingdom like other expatriates. “The Kingdom does not deal with Syrian expats like refugees. They are living in a normal environment not in special camps.”

According to the ministry, the Syrians have been granted legal residence permits and full freedom to travel inside the country. “Moreover, they are allowed to study in Saudi schools as per the royal order issued in 2012. A total of 100,000 Syrians are registered in public schools,” the ministry clarified, reacting to wrong reports about the Kingdom’s role in tackling the Syrian refugees crisis. “All Syrians in the Kingdom receive free medical treatment. They are allowed to work in the private sector like other expatriates,” the ministry added.


UNCHR reports indicates following figures till September 9, 2015:

Resettlement and Other Forms of Admission for Syrian Refugees

Pledges confirmed since 2013: 74,613

Additional places/visas granted under other forms of admission: 14,290

Resettlement submissions to the USA: 18,336

TOTAL places made available to date: 107,239

Country Total confirmed pledges (persons) received since 2013

Argentina humanitarian visa programme

Australia 5,600 resettlement and Special Humanitarian Programme

Austria 1,500 humanitarian admission

Belarus 20 resettlement

Belgium 475 resettlement

Brazil open-ended humanitarian visa programme

Canada 200 resettlement

Czech Republic 70 resettlement

Denmark 390 resettlement

Finland 1,150 resettlement

France 1,000 humanitarian admission/resettlement

Germany 20,000 humanitarian admission

15,000 individual sponsorship

Hungary 30 resettlement

Ireland 610 resettlement

Italy 350 resettlement

Liechtenstein 25 resettlement

Luxembourg 60 resettlement

Netherlands 500 resettlement

New Zealand 850 resettlement

Norway 9,000 resettlement

Poland 100 resettlement

Portugal 23 resettlement

Romania 40 resettlement

Spain 130 resettlement

Sweden 2,700 resettlement

Switzerland 3,500 resettlement and humanitarian visas

United Kingdom Vulnerable Persons Relocation scheme

United States of America open-ended resettlement

Uruguay 120 resettlement

TOTAL 74,613 + additional number to the United States of America

Latest report of UNHCR can be read  or download to click this link 

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No Syrian refugee resettled in GCC countries, says UNCHR and Amnesty International latest reports