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Newspapers of Uzbekistan

By Yusuf Khamdamov

YUSUF KHAMDAMOVAfter gaining its political sovereignty there have been positive changes in mass media like other branches. Nowadays 1420 mass Medias are active. It consists: 686 newspapers, 295 magazines, 65 TV studios, 31 radio channels, 324 web sites, 15 newsletters by branches and 4 information agencies. This process is appearing not only in government but at the moment in non–government mass media. Non–government mass media consists more than 50 percent of publishing printed media, 53 percent of broadcasting TV and 86 percent of radio channels. These numbers show nearly 3 times rise in comparing with the beginning of 1990.

It must be said that a lot of work is being held in supplying with the freedom of the mass–media, turning the mass–media into the rostrum which people express their opinions and ideas, attitudes and positions to the occurring events. And, attempts being held in the way of containing supplying with rights and freedom, getting information, the right and freedom of spreading information and own opinions are becoming a basic tendency. As the proof of this we must emphasize that a lot of work has been done in the way of supplying with the freedom of the world and liberalization of mass–media in the past years, especially in the last ten years. In this case, at first we must emphasize that created the base of legislation supplying with the development of mass–media, which suits world standards. Till now about ten rules have been adopted for developing mass media freely and fast, to guaranty information sector effectively working and are being continued successfully in this branch. We may say as example forwarding laws by enacted Legislation Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Republic of Uzbekistan: “About mass media”, “About defending journalism”, “About principles of information freedom and guarantees”, “About advertisement”, “About author and similar law” and etc.

Uzbek newspapers

Around the Republic mass media regular pressing, in all, newspapers also have own roles.

“Народное слово” (in russian), “Правда Востока” (in russian), “Молодёжь Узбекистан” (in russian), “Независимая газета” (in russian), “Нурлы жол” (in kazakh), Овози тожик (in tajik) are the newspapers which are counted as regular newspapers of the Republic. Also, many newspapers, which are in karakalpak language, are printing. “Uzbekistan Today” (in english) is printing from 1st September of 2006–year. Newspapers are printing in uzbek, russian, karakalpak, tajik, kazakh and other languages inside of the Republic of Karakalpak, viloyats, cities and districts. If “Халк сузи” (in uzbek) and “Народное слово” (in russian) are the newspapers of the advisory board of house of representatives of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan and Executive branch of Uzbekistan, “Правда Востока”, “Хуррият”, “Даракчи”, “Мохият”, “Независимая гаета” are independent newspapers.

In Uzbekistan every sphere has own newspaper. “Кишлок хаёти” (village life) is the newspaper of agriculture and hydro economic ministry, “Мулкдор” is the newspaper of state property committee, “Маърифат” and “Умитель Узбекистана” are the newspapers of higher and nation education ministries, “Туркистон” and “Молодёжь Узбекистана” are the newspapers of Youth of Republic, “Ватанпарвар” is the newspaper of armed forced ministry, “Ишонч” and “Доверия” are the newspapers of professional movement committee. This list can be contained.

In Republic region, city, district newspapers are, also, printed. Every region has the newspapers which are dedicated to education, internal work (police), public procurator’s office, medicine, prudence and other spheres.

Drawing of the newspapers of republic is not so big. If the drawing of “Халк сузи” is 75.118, drawing of “Народное слово” is 27.262. From political parties’ newspapers, the drawing of “O’zbekiston ovozi” is 19.000. Inside the sphere newspapers, the number of “Маърифат” is much bigger; it is printed twice a week with 8 paged. Nowadays the drawing of “Маърифат” is 35.000.

“Хордик”, “Отдохнём”, “7Х7”, “Хонадон”, “Кайфият”, “Бекажон”, “Сугдиёна”, “Хумо”, “Тасвир” are entertaining newspapers, their drawing is normally about 5.000–10.000, but some of newspapers’ drawing is 50.000–60.000.

Different materials are paged according to their position and direction on every newspaper page. Government newspapers illustrate internal and external policy of republic, economy, agriculture, culture, education, technics and so on.

After appearing political parties, they founded their own newspapers. At that time there are four political parties in our republic and each political party has own newspapers: “O’zbekiston ovozi” (Uzbekistan’s voice), “Adolat” (Justice), “Milliy tiklanish” (National erection), “XXI asr” (XXI century), these newspapers describe their party’s advantage and desire.

Independent newspapers try to give the article which expressed free and independent ideas of author. But it is difficult to say them too independent.

We can say that around the Republic newspapers entertaining newspapers are best–selling.

Inside these newspapers contains 7–8 pages which, about love story of famous artists and poets, problems between wives and husbands and some parts of shameful signs.

Entertaining newspapers are also named yellow mass media. We can describe these printing materials briefly like this: 1. Very brief, official information. 2. Views of famous arts life. 3. Different information which was taken from internet. 4. Brainstorms (crosswords, scan words). Also inside and last pages of these newspapers interesting riddles, brainstorming questions are being given. In these newspapers print cover full pictures of well–known artists. These facts play role for paying attention of readers.

Entertaining newspapers are sold in the markets, crowded places kiosks and working places. Much people sell them and read with interested.

If way pay attention to contents of printing newspapers in Uzbekistan we can fell positive changes than 19–20 years ago. If than in previous newspapers’ pages printed articles on ideology and politics, than are printing articles about social–culture life of republic and foreign countries, their economy, politics and sports in brief. In these newspapers articles which about “checking journalist”, “important themes”, “world economy”, “breath of world” besides the newspapers aren’t be able to bring different materials which were written suspicious and subjective.

On the 67 article of Constitution of Republic of Uzbekistan expressed: “Mass media is free and works on rule. Doesn’t work censorship.” On the other hand an analytical and critical article sometimes prints on the pages of newspapers. Articles which are based on praise and look like each other like to very closely or reports are printing on the pages of newspapers yet. Professional skills of journalists and openness aren’t felt.

On the pages of political parties newspapers print large and mean less. Nowadays it’s difficult to believe that newspapers readers read large and boring articles with patiently because period, time and consumer demands brief and clear news and information quickly from newspapers. We can stay behind of the period.


This article is written by Yusuf Khamdamov who is a candidate of philological sciences and lecture of Journalism faculty of Uzbekistan national university named after Mirzo Ulugbek

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