Muslims are dangerously unrepresented in mainstream French politics, says Michel Houellebecq

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Muslims are dangerously unrepresented in mainstream French politics, says Michel Houellebecq

Muslims are dangerously unrepresented in mainstream French politics, says Michel Houellebecq

Monitoring Desk: “The Koran turns out to be much better than I thought, now that I’ve reread it — or rather, read it,” he said. “The most obvious conclusion is that the jihadists are bad Muslims … an honest reading will conclude that a holy war of aggression is not generally sanctioned, prayer alone is valid.”

These are comment of famous and controversial novelist of France Michel Houellebecq whose latest novel “Submission” came on stall on the very day France faced worst terrorist attack from two Muslim young people who killed 12 people including best cartoonists of French living society. He said he read Koran many times before writing his latest novel.

In an interview with France Info (English version is Paris Review), Houellebecq he emphasized that Muslims are dangerously unrepresented in mainstream French politics.

His latest book/novel gives a scene where French establishment Install a Muslim as head of the state to stop the possible grip of Far Right on the power.  His latest book/novel has received strong criticism from all quarters and been widely attacked by the French media, politicians, and on social media. Muslim community in France accuses Houellebecq for inciting Islamophobia in a country which is already divided and prone for further divisions.


“Submission” is set in 2022, at the end of a hypothetical second mandate for Socialist French President François Hollande, who is beaten in the first round of a presidential election by far-right FN leader Marine Le Pen and the fictional character Mohammed Ben Abbes emerges in scene who leads France “Muslim Fraternity” party that is actually first Muslim party in France.

The French establishment is worry about possible victory and taking over power by FN so members of parliaments vote for for Abbes to defeat FN.

Now Abbas is in power and he starts changing the very norms of French society for introducing new laws and new France emerges where women are wearing Hijabs and Burkas, sitting at home and looking after their families, freedom of speech is denied, polygamy is authorized and universities are made to teach the Koran.

Houellebecq believes that this is wrong impression that “Submission” is a provocation against Muslims because he creates a scene this is just normal scene in any of Muslim State in the world. “I condense an evolution that is, in my opinion, realistic.  Yes, novel has a scary side. I use scare tactics. Actually, it’s not clear what we are meant to be afraid of, [white far-right] nativists or Muslims. I leave that unresolved”he added.

Houellebecq, best known in the English-speaking world for his 1998 novel “Atomised” and his 2001 “Platform”, a story about a French couple who create a sex tourism business in Thailand that falls victim to Muslim terrorists.