Modi in Pakistan – “Не случайно”— An Inevitable Accident?

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Modi in Pakistan - "Не случайно"--- An Inevitable accident

Modi in Pakistan –  “Не случайно”— An Inevitable accident

There is saying in Russian “Не случайно”. Ne sluchayno or Не случайно is used by historians about and for an Inevitable accident —-   mostly for a change in regime. Does Pakistan moving towards Не случайно?

Pakistani well educated media did not see any link in Modi’s unscheduled, surprising and uncalled for visit to Lahore directly from Kabul and Moscow.

Modi left Moscow empty handed— No nuclear submarine— Russian S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems (much projected in India media as expected announcement)

North South Corridor is also not very Much easy to sell in front of CPEC that directly links to Central Asia via Kashi.

Sources in Indian Defence department believe that Modi also failed to lure Russians to stop supply of RD93 turbofan jet engine that Pakistan is using in its JF-17 Thunder fighter jets. Klimov RD93 is designed specifically for FC-1 (JF-17) with increased thrust and relocated gearbox with increase service life to 4000 hours while Pakistan is flying for 7,000 hours without service.

Pakistani media is painting this visit — private visit for private purposes.

Paratrooper anchors those had never been in journalism in past and landed directly as TV anchors now hold top posts in electronic media are tearing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif off as lions in jungle.  The terminology of Paratrooper anchors is being used in circles of Pakistani media about those television anchors who have cropped up as mushroom growth having no journalistic background and no formal education of journalism. This grown is seen after former President Gen. Musharraf was bogged down by media and he had to leave office unceremoniously. Majority of such anchors are medical doctors, engineers, former bureaucrats, retired brigadiers, and retired foreign office diplomats. They have their opinions and believe that Nawaz Sharif is becoming a threat to national Security due to his alleged financial interests in Indian steel market.

My one colleague believes: 

Modi’s surprise visit to Lahore not only triggered strong protest in India, especially from the opposition party, Congress but in Pakistan the political party like Jamaat-e-Islami also registered its protest against the development in that manner. However, generally Pakistan-based political parties termed the visit a positive development and a good omen for Pak-India future. But yet response with mixed views came from different sections of the society in Pakistan as some of the critics believe that the Indian prime minister arrived in Lahore to fulfill its own political interests. They believe that Modi’s visit did not happen suddenly as it appears to be, rather it was well planned and by undertaking a surprise visit to Pakistan, Modi tried to embarrass Pakistan army and create a civil-military gap. The critics believe that Indians know Pakistani politics very well and they are trying to exploit the ongoing differences between Pakistani civilian and military leadership. The Indians want Pakistan army to carry out a coup and remove the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The reason behind it, according to such critics, that Indians deem army’s rule in Pakistan in their favour as in Musharraf regime, the military dictator crushed Kashmiri freedom fighters and also dismissed United Nations resolutions regarding Kashmir in talks with India. In short, such believers think that Modi government wants another coup like Musharraf did in 1999 and for this purpose, they are creating an atmosphere which indicate that Nawaz Sharif has gone too far in favour of Modi, an impression which Pakistan army doesn’t like at all.

Religious parties in Pakistan will also start protests against Nawaz soon and media team of PM Nawaz understands the situation very well but looks naïve like “green Soldiers”. Remember—former Soviet Union faced defeat because of its policy to send “Green Soldiers” to frontline.

Man is made to do mistakes but he must be given a chance to rectify. Modi wishes to write his name in the diplomatic history of South Asia— Let him do something sane and good for this region.

This article is written by Agha Iqrar Haroon 
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