Maidan–The photo for memory. Maidan is a wound which doesn’t want to heal

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Maidan–The photo for memory. Maidan is a wound which doesn’t want to heal



Life prepares test for each generation that it has to pass adequately as test for durability, having left the special trace in the history.

And once you start understanding deeply the phrase which tells the senior generation that passed the Great Patriotic War or was born after it, having tested all delights of the destroyed life:   “Only there would be no war”.

The Ukrainian Maidan is a revolution not against Russia or for America, this revolt of people for the Advantage and attitudes. The Maidan is a phenomenon of modern fight against the power, the opposition costing human life.

But, it appears that war – the same natural state of a civilization, as well as the world since is only a phase of a cycle of its life, a certain result of the world and procedure of formation of its new architecture, change of existing paradigms, roles and resources.  In our life there was a collapse of the USSR and Chernobyl.  The Baktereologichesky, chemical weapon, information pressure – to anybody aren’t surprising.  We quickly get used to all new and we don’t notice when we become “guinea pigs”.

Wake society only the natural human aspiration to return freedom and democracy which the power appropriated can, using korupptsionny schemes, violence and fear. The Maidan gathered not for policy, and not for politicians.

For such as, I which didn’t take part in these fine in the beginning and tragic events after, remain a remorse and the photo against barricades for memory.

In the center of Kiev there are barricades, representatives of the Maidan not speak against.  The Maidan is a wound which doesn’t want to heal. It will find that form in which will exist further.